Does it cost to join the Wine Club at Lorenzi Estate Wines?
There is no fee to join. It is only the retail cost of the wine selection less your appropriate discount depending on the club membership level you select.

What is the minimum commitment of shipments for my membership?
3 shipments to qualify for the comp tastings and wine discounts on the date of signing up for membership.

What is the cost of the club shipments in each club?
Prices will vary for each release but will generally average $65 to $75 per bottle with discounts.

What types of wines are in each club shipment?
Most releases are red wine varietals and red blends. However, on occasion we may include a Rosé or Chardonnay. You may always opt to keep or switch the selection.

Will I get charged a tasting fee even if I sign up for the wine club the same day?
No. Your complimentary tastings start the day you join.

Is there a cancellation fee associated with canceling my wine club prior to my commitment being met? No.

If I am a member who has met their minimum requirement for membership and I need to cancel my club what do I do?
Members may choose to postpone a shipment or cancel up to two weeks before shipment. Cancellations must be made via email at

How long does my membership last?
Wine club shipments auto renew with member’s information on file without notice of cancellation.

How soon will I know what is included in my club shipments?
Pick up members will taste the selection when they visit and can decide then to keep or exchange the selection. Shipping customers will receive an email 1½ weeks prior to the ship date with information on the selection and can opt to keep or exchange the selection at that time.

When will my card get charged for my club shipments?
We charge every other month for club shipments. Generally, we will charge the 1st day of the month; however, if the 1st is on the weekend then it will process the Friday before.
How soon will I receive my club shipment if it is to be shipped?
The wine will go out on the Monday or Tuesday after the first of the month. We email you a tracking number to the email on file.
Someone over the age of 21 must be present to sign for the wine club shipment.

What happens if my wine club shipment gets sent back to the winery?
Shippers will make 3 delivery attempts, but if not signed for the wine club shipment will be sent back to the winery and member will be charged a reshipping fee of $15.

What if I end up with a damaged bottle(s) of wine?
We try our best to replace 100% of the damaged wine for you. Winery has the right to investigate or decide to replace any wine shipments that have been reported as lost, stolen, or damaged per our discretion. Please call us as soon as possible to report the status of your wine order.

Do you offer any case discounts or discounts on the wines?
Yes. Members will always receive a 25% discount when buying a case at a time above and beyond the club selection.