Sustainable Wine Making Values

Lorenzi Estate produces Artisan Wines with few added ingredients. We focus on creating quality wines in the most sustainable way possible. Our vineyard practices include the smallest carbon footprint possible, as well as the non-use of components known to harm the land and the people who work it. Our sustainable practices also include:

• Energy and Water Conservation
We prune our vines to develop more shade for the growing grapes, which reduces the need to water. Our water emitter system uses the least amount of water necessary to produce quality crops.

• Carbon Emissions Reduction
We are no longer using diesel fuel tractors to maintain our vineyards.

• Waste Management
We have a program for glass and cardboard separation to greater enhance sorting the products at the final destination.

• Packaging and Recycling
As mentioned above, we sort glass and cardboard to assist recycling. We also use the most sustainable packing products on the market.

• Fair Compensation to Workers
We believe a satisfied workforce makes and sells better wines. We are at the top end of the scale in the region in our pay packages for sales and production personnel.

• Worker Health and Well-Being
We are committed to educating our employees on proper health practices to protect them and their families, and providing a safe and supportive work environment.

• Social Responsibility to Communities
We believe that the sum total of all we do listed above helps achieve greater community progress on many levels.

In addition, we believe in making wines with the fewest ingredients possible.
• No added sugars or concentrates
• No color additives
• Natural Yeasts  
• Vegan  
• Non-GMO
• Gluten Free

Regarding questions as to whether or not we are certified “Organic,” the answer is no. As a rule we do not use herbicides or pesticides on our vineyards and strive to maintain as “clean” a vineyard environment as possible. We are required by state law to treat the vines with a product approved by the state to discourage the growth of Pierce’s Disease, which in the ’90s wiped out most of Temecula’s vineyards. We occasionally use organic fertilizers to replenish our soils and keep them in a healthy condition to provide the highest quality grapes possible.