Come Taste the Lorenzi Experience!

Lorenzi Estate Winery was recently voted the BEST Winery in Temecula. We have earned high national rankings with over 180 wines winning 90 points or more. Certainly, the quality of our 90 point wines attracted many voters, but equally important is the Sommelier level service and  experiences that our guests enjoy. Whether you are a novice or an experienced wine enthusiast you are sure to find the level of service and the variety of options to satisfy your every wine tasting need.  

The Discovery – Seated Table Service
Each month our winemaker picks 3 wines he believes offer  the best glimpse of our greatness. This sample tasting is perfect for the beginner or the pro to gain
the awareness of what we are about.  Available daily
$20 per person

Winemaker’s Select – Seated Table Service
This is a more in depth look at our wine offerings featuring 5 of our outstanding varietals and blends that have made Lorenzi Estate one of the honored wineries
in California. Fifty five  times Lorenzi Estate has been honored in “California’s 50 Best” wine competition in New York city.  Our legendary 2015 Estate Cabernet
Sauvignon beat all comers (including the guys up north) in the “50 Best California Cabernet Sauvignon” judging. Available daily.
$35 per person

The VIP Experience – 90 Point Seated Table Service
Buckle up and take a ride on the Lorenzi Estate wine tasting rocket ship!  All of the 5 wines selected for this experience have been accorded 90 points or more
by respected wine magazines and national critics. In this experience you will learn more from our Somm quality Wine Host about our artisan approach and
meticulous attention to detail with every wine we offer. A true VIP experience. You can also compose a larger group by prior reservation online. Available daily.
$55 per person

The Art of Cabernet
If you are looking for an even more elevated experience this is the perfect event for the serious wine collector or the beginner who is curious about what  makes
Cabernet Sauvignon the “King” of California wines.  Lorenzi Estate is THE winery in Temecula for Cabernet Sauvignon.  Numerous reviewers have accorded
Lorenzi Estate Cabs, scores of 95 points or more.  In this seated tasting you will experience 4 of our rare and beautiful wines carefully chosen by our
winemaker for your tasting pleasure. You can also compose a larger group by reservation online. This is a very special experience.  Available daily.
$75 per person

Introduction to Fine Wine Tasting
This is a new experience in a group setting guided by one of our Sommelier style Wine Hosts that takes you inside the taste buds of serious wine tasting.
You will taste and learn a higher elevation of wine experience during the 60 minute seminar. A great option for large groups as well, the sessions are available
at 10 a.m. every Saturday on the tasting patio. Reserve online for this special experience.  Available Saturdays.
$35 per person

Winemaker’s Private Cellar Tasting
Once a month our winemaker will host a special tasting for a group of 8 guests in his private cellar. You will taste a variety of Library wines plus some new rockstars in the making.
This is a very special opportunity. On Saturday, February 3rd  there will be two tastings:  one at 11:00 a.m and one at 2:00 p.m. – both for groups of 8 only,
You can book your group of 8 online for this very special experience.
$195 per person